Honduran Café excels in international competition in Paris

Coffee producers were recognized for their successful participation in the Third Roasted Coffee Bean Competition, Paris 2017, where Honduras won 11 medals: one gold, six bronze and four gourmet.

José Arnold Paz Mejía (Finca San José) in Santa Bárbara, Nelson Guerra Chinchilla (Finca Santa Elena) and Eduardo Kafati (American Espresso) were honored by the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products (AVPA).

At the ceremony, the president of the AVPA, Philippe Juglar, presented the awards to Catrachos coffee farmers, in the presence of the Secretary of Economic Development (SDE), Arnaldo Castillo, representing President Juan Orlando Hernández.

The AVPA is a non-profit non-profit organization composed of producers and passionate about taste, whose objective is to contribute to the best value of agricultural production.

This international competition allows producers to improve consumers' perception of the exceptional organoleptic qualities of some coffees.

The members of the jury are francophone, professionals of the sector (producers, toasters, distributors), chefs of kitchen, gastronomes or consumers knowledgeable of the product.

Eduardo Kafati stressed that the recognition gives a boost to Espresso Americano, which recently opened a store in Taiwan. "It's a further distinction for Honduras and one more example of why we are number one in Central America and third in Latin America," Kafati said. "We are a company that generates jobs in 25 cities nationwide," he added.

For his part, José Arnold Paz, said that "we have represented the country with dignity and maintained that high quality. It shows that we are still one of the best in the world in this area, "said Paz, who acknowledged the government's efforts in boosting coffee.

"This is a further achievement for Honduras and we thank the President (Juan Orlando Hernandez) for helping us and directing us in the right direction in this area," concluded another of the award-winning producers, Nelson Guerra.



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